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Arduino Custom Data Logger, APDuino

11/27/2012 Category: Arduino, Control, Data Acquisition, Monitoring

APDuino is custom sensor monitoring and automation projects based on Arduino with literally no programming. You can customize it for data logger and automation project such as aquaponics, greenhouse, gardening DIY automation and other. Simply download ready-to-go software for the Arduino Mega 2560 and see how it works. The project consists of the APDuinOS (software that runs on the Arduino hardware) and Apduino Online (software available as a web service).

Customizable Monitoring and Automation Project

APDuinOS supports a number of analog and digital Sensor and Control components in any custom layout on the Arduino pins, allowing building Your Own Automation System. User can set custom Program Rules for automation, allowing Sensor and Control data access, scheduler, timers and more without programming. With APDuino you can send your data logging to SD card and online sinks like cosm, thingspeak, apduino online. You can also connect it to Web 2.0 services like Twitter via 3rd party services. Using JSON data access to device status you can build custom device web interface.