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AVR Wide Range LC,F, ESR Meter

05/04/2012 Category: AVR, Measurement, Microcontroller, Project, Tools

LCFesR meter is a precise, wide range meter that can measure inductivity (L), capacity (C), frequency (F) and equivalent series resistance of a capacitor in-circuit (ESR) based on AVR ATMega88PA-PU microcontroller. It can be easily built with homemade one or double-faced PCB and available electronic components.

dr. Le Hung, project designer, explained that measurement of ESR can be done continuously, in-circuit, polarity-independent, and max measuring voltage is 300 mV peak. The result of the ESR measurement is not affected by any other semiconductor part, bigger resistance, small ceramic capacitor that is connected parallel to the capacitor under test. The meter can measure ESR from 0-30 ohm.

LC-F-ESR meter

The meter can be used to measure of inductor in nH range and larger (H value) inductor accurately and stable enough. So, measure air-core inductors and larger toroid inductors using this LCF meter will be no problem. According to its documentation, it can measure inductance within range 10nH to 100H. For capacitor C, user can measure capacitance from 0pF up to 0.1F continuously, no need to switch to different measurement ranges (auto range). LCFesR also can be used for frequency meter with range 0.01Hz up to 8MHz.

LC,F, ESR Meter Kit

ESR LC F Meter
Project Firmware, Schematic and Documentation