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Programming Arduino Compatible Using Sound Card

09/19/2011 Category: Arduino, Interfacing, Miscellaneous, Project

Audioino is neat way to program an Arduino compatible microcontroller via the audio port of your PC. Chris said to build Audioino, firstly you need to program your Atmega168 with custom audio bootloader. You can use the sketch “ArduinoISP’ in the examples folder of the Arduino IDE for flashing or find someone who owns an ISP programmer. And then build your audioino hardware, an Atmega168, 3 resistors, two capacitors, 1 LED, audio jack and a reset switch.

How to program arduino using Audio PC line

To download your Arduino programs to the Audioino, follow this procedures.

  1. Develop some programs you like with Arduino IDE
  2. Compile it and find the hex-file
  3. Connect your Audioino to the line out of the PC ( downloading works probably best if the volume is set to maximum ) and press reset
  4. Use the provided Java program to transfer the HEX code via your audio line-out to the “Audioino”.

Download : Boatloader and Hex to WAV Java App