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Laser Range Finder

09/21/2011 Category: Data Acquisition, Measurement, Microcontroller, Project, Sensor

This Laser Range Finder (LRF) is a low-cost distance measuring instrument that uses laser technology to calculate the distance to a targeted object. It can measure up to 8 feet away but for optimal measurement the range is about 6 inches to 4 feet. The project is designed by Joe Grand.

Laser Range Finder DIY Project

The main parts of Laser Range Finder are Parallax Propeller processor, OmniVision OVM7690 640×480 CMOS CameraCube, and Arima 635nm APC Laser Diode. Distance to a targeted object is calculated by optical triangulation using trigonometry between the centroid of laser light, camera, and object. User can use this project for distance or liquid level measurements, object detection and/or avoidance, and item counting.