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Stereo Audio with Arduino

12/10/2012 Category: Arduino, Audio

The project shows you how to use Arduino and TLC7528 to produce stereo audio, 2 independent channels of audio. With stereo audio you can achieve some interesting and quite fun auditory effects since each ear is hearing its own independent channel of sound, for example, “3D audio” spatial effects, binaural beats, and panning.

Audio Effect using Arduino

You can get “3D audio” spatial effects by adjusting the filtering, amplitude, and phase of two channels of audio you can simulate the experience of sound directionality, making a sound source seem to originate from a precise location in the space around you. For relaxation and other meditative effects try to set up binaural beats by sending two sine waves of similar, but unequal frequencies to headphones (one to each ear). To get panning effect you can change the relative amplitude of a sound source in each channel of the stereo mix. It will give you cool sounding. All effects in the project can be achieved by changing some codes in the firmware and adding a potentiometer to control the pan. This cool project is designed by Amanda Ghassaei.