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Laser Position Sensor

09/23/2011 Category: Digital, Measurement, Microcontroller, Project, Sensor

The Laser Position Sensor (LPS) module is an optical sensor that measures and provides the two-dimensional coordinates of visible red laser light (630-694nm) shined onto its surface. This Freescale MC9S08JM8CLC MCU-based project developed by Joe Grand based on Roger Johnson and Chris Lentz’s 2-D Optical Position Sensor.

DIY Project Position Sensor Using Laser

The Laser Position Sensor has a resolution of 0.0001″, an accuracy of 0.001″, and a measurement range of +/-0.2″ (+/-5mm). It can be used for remote device control, data communications, high-speed photography, long-range beam-break/security trip wires and positioning and alignment. If you want to build Laser Position Sensor but using PIC instead of Freescale MC9S08JM8, you can check Chris Lentz’s 2-D Optical Position Sensor project above.