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RS232 to Infrared Converter Project

08/10/2009 Category: Digital, Interfacing, PIC, Wireless

rs232 converter to Infrared

This is a Serial interface to IR converter project using PIC microcontroller. The project use Infra-Red to receive and transmit the data from serial interface. RS232 waveforms in this project operating at 5V TTL levels not +/-12V levels. It’s good to transmit your sequence of bits modulated as a series wirelessly.

By sending commands on the RS232 interface it is possible to receive or transmit a sequence of bits modulated as a series of on/off states in a 38 kHz infra-red carrier signal. Infra-Red remote controls use a carrier signal (typically around 38 kHz) so that there is no confusion with sunlight etc. The carrier is turned on and off to represent the bit sequences at a lower rate, for example 500 Hz).

Infrared interface
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