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Twitter Heart Beat Posting Device

08/07/2009 Category: Digital, Microcontroller, Project, Sensor

Twitter Heartbeat Posting Device

Are you a twitter fan? Here is interesting open source electronic project from koress, Akiduki Pulse, a Twitter account updater device using your heartbeat.

The project will detect changes in fingertip blood flow by high-performance Reflective photo sensor photoreflector) RPR-220 from Rohm. The analog signal will be amplified by Op Amp LMC664 and then converted to 8-bit digital signal by internal A/D converter from MCU. Microcontrollers H8/3069F from Hitachi will be analyzed the pattern of digital signal and calculate the heartbeat rate. Using Ethernet controller RTL8019AS, the device will connect to the Internet (TCP / IP protocol) and posting your heartbeat to twitter directly without need a PC. Here is the sample of your post on your twitter account.

Twitter Heartbeat update status
30-60: bradycardia now
60-90: alive now
90-140: tachycardia now

Akiduki Pulse
Documentation and project