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Interactive Martial Arts Training System

10/18/2010 Category: AVR, Game, Microcontroller, Miscellaneous, Project

CyberSpar is real-time interactive martial arts training system is built based on AVR ATmega16. Incorporating high-quality digitized audio and speech feedback, it simulates a bout with an opponent while providing audio motivational cues and other helpful feedback. It offers three different skill level settings, with bouts ranging from three to six rounds, and is designed to be very user-friendly and economical. The sensor(s) and speaker are separate from the electronics themselves and connected with regular 2 conductor wire via jacks.


Themi Kotsiras explained that the impact sensor used in this project is a condenser microphone. Any other type of sensor that’s out there (piezoelectric, accelerometer, etc.) can also be easily used; but for pure economy, efficiency, simplicity, hardiness, and yes, even novelty, a common microphone is hard to beat.

The digitized audio is via Winbond’s ISD2500 series of CHIPCORDER ICs. The 2560 has been chosen, giving us the highest quality sample rate and a full minute‚Äôs worth of audio messages. It is used in message cueing with CONSECUTIVE ADDRESSING OPERATIONAL MODE. The ATmega16 firmware was developed in ANSI C using ICC AVR from ImageCraft.