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All in One Instrument, COMA+

06/13/2011 Category: Digital, Measurement, Miscellaneous, PIC, Project, Tools

COMA+ is PIC32-based instrument that can be used as calculator, oscilloscope, multimeter, analyzer and more. Ganzziani, project designer, said that one important goal project is to make the instrument low cost, so the capabilities of the PIC32 are being maximized. Since the device is going to be handheld, the power consumption needs to be minimized and the PIC32 has many features to accomplish this. A monochrome 128×128 display is used, which provides plenty of viewing area and only needs about 2mA to operate.

PIC32 project : all in one instrument - metering

Main Features of Coma+ including : 2 Channel, 8bit 16MSPS Oscilloscope; FFT on acquired data; 8 Channel Logic Analyzer; Arbitrary Signal Generator; Frequency Generator; Multimeter: Volt Meter, Ammeter, Ohmmeter / continuity test, L/C Meter, Logic probe, Frequency meter, Transistor curves, Component V vs I curves; Calculator, able to do math on real-time data; Graphic LCD 128×128; SD Card for data storage; Optional connection to PC via USB or RS-232