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Open Source FPGA Based Logic Analyzer

09/17/2012 Category: FPGA, Measurement, Tools

The aim of the project is to build a logic analyzer for home use using FPGA. The device uses a Xilinx Spartan 3 Starter Kit (DO-SPAR3-DK) evaluation board manufactured by Digilent. It features a XC3S200-4 FPGA with 4ns propagation delay and 3840 cells. Onboard are 1MByte of 10ns SRAM and plenty connectors that can be used as signal inputs.

FPGA logic analyzer

In PC side, java client software is used to access the device through serial port. The client uses the RXTX library for serial port communications which is available for 34 platforms including Linux, Windows and Solaris.

Project Features: 16 channels at 200MHz sampling rate, 32 channels up to 100MHz sampling rate, state analysis up to 50MHz using external clock, 256KSamples memory, noise filter, complex serial and parallel trigger with four stages, externally available sampling clock to drive add-ons (like ADCs), connects via EIA232/RS232 (works with usb to serial adapters), Java based viewing software with I2C & SPI protocol analysis.