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Android Based Quadrocopters

12/06/2011 Category: Arduino, Control, Microcontroller, Miscellaneous, Project, Remote

The AeroQuad project is an open-source hardware and software project to build a quadcopters or quadrocopters, remote controlled four-rotor helicopters. The hardware consists of an Arduino microcontroller (Mega-2560 or Uno) as the flight controller board and an AeroQuad shield with various sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope.

Android based Quadrocopters Project

The project software is written in C and uploaded to the microcontroller via the Arduino IDE. At this time, it supports Rate (Acrobatic) Mode that uses only the gyroscope for flight assistance, and Attitude (Stable) Mode that use both the gyroscope and accelerometer for auto-leveled flight assist. The helicopter has additional sensors for heading or altitude hold function.