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Interfacing SRF05 with AVR ATmega32

04/23/2011 Category: AVR, Interfacing, Measurement, Microcontroller, Project, Sensor

Recently, Jaime Andres Arteaga designed a simple C program to use a SRF05 ultrasonic sensor, low cost ultrasonic rangefinder up to 5 meters, with AVR ATmega32. The microcontroller sends a pulse trigger (10 us minimum) and then, the sensor produces a pulse that is proportional to the distance.

connect SRF05 ultrasonic sensor with AVR ATmega32

In this project, the SRF05 is connected in MODE 1. This mode uses separate trigger and echo pins, and is the simplest mode to use. To use this mode, just leave the mode pin unconnected – the SRF05 has an internal pull up resistor on this pin. This project is very useful for hobbyist who wants to build range finder project using AVR MCU.

Download : Source Code and Schematic

SRF05 With ATmega32
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