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Automatic Amateur Radio Satellite Tracking

04/22/2011 Category: Control, Microcontroller, Motor, Project

The project goal is to build a battery powered azimuth and elevation antenna positioner, using inexpensive hobby servo motors and gearboxes, for portable operation. This project allows portable satellite tracking is done automatically (operate hands-free).

Antenna SPosition Control

The elevation rotator uses a ‘Standard Servo Power Gearbox’ and a HiTech HS-7955TG servo motor. While the azimuth rotator uses a ‘HS-805/815BB Servo Power Gearbox’ and a HS-805BB servo motor.

The servo motors are controlled by a Parallax development board holding a BS-2 Basic Stamp. In addition, a Parallax ‘ServoPAL’ is used to refresh the servos so they will hold position while the BS-2 processor is busy receiving position commands. Parallax Serial LCD is used to display operator prompts and show current azimuth and elevation positions. Download schematic and source code