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Tiny2313 Proto Board

04/19/2011 Category: AVR, Digital, Microcontroller, Miscellaneous, Project

If you want to build more permanent project than on a breadboard but don’t want make a custom PCB for it then Tiny2313 Proto Board may be a good solution for you. Tiny2313 Proto Board is small one-off projects and prototypes based on AVR ATtiny2313 by Alex tinkerlog. The board comes with 10 components only and has its own battery holder for 3 AA cells.

AVR tiny proto board

The schematic for this proto board is simple. It has a jumper, that lets you select if you want to power the board from the programmer. There is no voltage regulator on board since most circuits can work fine with ~4.5 V provided by 3 AA cells. Download schematic (eagle format)