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Image Capture Board Scanner

02/16/2010 Category: AVR, Detector, Microcontroller, Project

The Image Capture Board (ICB) is designed to capture images at a resolution greater than 3600dpi with 8-bit grayscale depth. This board was created as the central component of a system capable of detecting counterfeit currency. Scanning at such a high resolution would allow for easy detection of micro printed characters as well as the ability to measure line widths and other dimensions. The board is used to capture an image of part of a currency bill, filter the image, and transfer the data to a PC, which then analyzes it.

Counterfeit Currency Detector

“Although the original design was intended for counterfeit detection, the ICB is flexible enough to incorporate into other systems. For example, if a RGB backlight was used in place of the lamp, the scanner would be capable of capturing slides and/or negatives with 24 bit color depth”, said Mark Muzzin, the designer.

The ICB is based on an ATMega8515 that shares external SRAM with an Altera CPLD. Using either RS232 or USB, it can transfer the image data to another external device (such as a PC) for further processing. The CCD line array is a Toshiba 1502C, and is made up of 5000 elements 7um x 7um with a center-to-center distance of 7um. In order to test the ability of the ICB, a scanner bed complete with motion controller was constructed, along with a PC application to view the raw image data.

Image Capture Board
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