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AVR Dot Matrix Spectrum Analyzer

06/25/2009 Category: Audio, AVR, LED, Project


The purpose of this project is to show spectrum of a sound signal from computer through a serial port to light-emitting diode matrix which is controller by microcontroller.

The Dot Matrix Spectrum Analyzer project use microcontroller AVR AT90S2313 as main part, you can change the micro with ATTINY2313. The controllers accepts the data from a serial port and with the help of conclusions of port B and the additional decoder 74145 is deduce a spectrum on the light-emitting diode screen are collected from two matrixes.

The program of the microcontroller compiled with BASCOM-AVR while the program from computer side is written on VISUAL BASIC. Besides spectrum analyzer the project can also display watch to the dot matrix display.

Spectrum Analyzer
source code and schematic