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AVR Based R/C Pulse Generator

02/23/2009 Category: Microcontroller, Remote


R/C Pulse Generator uses Microcontroller AVR AT90s2313 to measure resistance values and generate R/C style pulses that will be fit for driving servos or testing R/C controlled robots without the transmitter. It measures four channels and provides four R/C style pulses. Indication of the current pulse width and when the board is in CALIBRATE mode will be displayed on LCD. This unit needs to be calibrated for the particular because joystick Analog joysticks are highly variable. Once calibrated it appears to be quite stable: pulse width values stay within a few microseconds over several days of operation at room temperatures.

The methode are easily capable of 8 bits of resolution (256). The display was truncated to 100 discrete values primarily to fit everything on the screen of a 2×16 LCD display. If you have a 2×20 or 2×24 character display, removing a comment from the display code will restore the fourth digit.

Download :
Source code and schematic

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