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Infrared Remote Control Capture

12/01/2010 Category: Digital, Microcontroller, PIC, Remote, Tools

IR Widget is PIC12F629-based project that able to captures infrared signals from remote controls. It allow you to determine the carrier frequency and demodulate the carrier in the digital or analog domain. The captured information can be used to view, recognize or reproduce the signal. The hardware is simple and low cost.

IR capture analyzer

PC based software is used to display IR data from the IR Widget in a graphical representation. The display is similar to an oscilloscope or logic analyzer. The time of each carrier on and off period is shown as well as the count of pulses during the carrier on periods. Each capture is also written to a text file. IR capture project is designed by Kevin Timmerman.

IR scope

Download IR Scope softwarefirmware, schematics and PCB