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Direct Digital Synthesis Function Generator

05/23/2010 Category: AVR, Project, Tools

The project uses Direct Digital Synthesis to generate sine, triangular and square waves in the range of 1 Hz to 150 KHz with 1Hz resolution. The frequency can be set through 16 switch numeric keypad or rotary shaft encoder (fine adjustment) and is displayed on a backlight numeric LCD module, Varitronix LCD module VIM-808. For debugging and eventual PC control, the system also including RS232 interface.

DDS Function Generator

Main component of the project is an Atmel AtMega169 microcontroller and Programmable Waveform Generator, Analog Devices AD9833. The MCU has role to control AD9833 and drives 75 segments of an VIM-808 transflective eight digit numeric display. To make it simple and time saving, the project firmware is written using BASCOM AVR Compiler from MCS Electronics. The DDS Function Generator is designed by Charles Kosina.