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Green House Controller

08/18/2009 Category: AVR, Control, Monitoring, Project, Wireless

AVR green house controller

This AVR Greenhouse Controller project consists of two units, transmitter with microcontroller a AVR ATmeg8535 as main processor and the receiver controlled by AVR AtTiny 2313. The transmitter unit is located in the greenhouse while the receiver placed in the house about 75 feet from the greenhouse.

The transmitter units control heater and fan based on temperature sensors. The unit then transmits the temperature data and the state of the vents, heater and fan to receiver using free 433.9MHz band. The project displayed information on a 4×20 LCD in the unit both at transmitter and receiver. This process is repeated every 10 seconds. The project designed by David Collins using BASCOM AVR.

House Controller
Documentation, Schematic and Source code