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Raspberry Pi Based DMX Light Controller

01/21/2013 Category: Control, LED, Raspberry Pi, USB

This project shows you how to build and display color wheel editor window on the screen of a Raspberry Pi computer and allows you to manipulate with your mouse. When you change the color on the screen, it also changes the color on the DMX light fixture in realtime to match. This can serve as a starting point for a variety of simple lighting projects using the Raspberry Pi (i.e. haunted houses, onscreen light control panel, TV backlights, living room DJ setup, etc.).

Raspberry Pi DMX Light Controller

In this project, Raspberry Pi computer runs a program that generates the onscreen interface via HDM interface, and sends commands via USB to a DMX controller continuously. The DMX controller then sends DMX commands to the light fixture to change the color. The project hardware consists of Raspberry Pi, Velleman USB to DMX interface, Chauvet LEDSplash 200B DMX Light Fixture, Vizio monitor with HDMI input.