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Braille Glove System

12/26/2009 Category: Control, Data Acquisition, Digital, Project, Wireless

Braille Glove MCU project

The goal of this project is to simulate the 26 Braille codes by vibrating a motor mounted on the glove’s finger tips. When the tips tapped out a Braille code, the information is stored in SRAM, or in EEPROM; or sent as ASCII data wirelessly to other compatible Braille gloves.

The system features two gloves that communicate wirelessly. The main board includes a dsPIC33FJ256MC510 microcontroller, which controls four vibration motors, four accelerometers, and a 32-KB SPI serial EEPROM 25LC256. This system provides a unique method for someone to both read and speak using Braille.

© Hoa Phan, Vincent Dinh, Tu-Anh Ton, & Nghia Tran

Braile Glove
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