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Hand Speak, Hand Sign Language Translator

01/15/2012 Category: Converter, Miscellaneous, Project, Renesas

The project was designed to improve communication capabilities for deaf and blind. It converts the mechanism of hand sign language into alphanumerical characters, then assist users to show and to communicate with others through any forms of ASCII text. The system identifies 26 alphabets and 10 numbers of American Sign Language, then display on LCD and transfer them through RS-232 interface which these characters can be viewed on PC or hand-held device PDA.

Hand Sign Language Translator

The ONLY right handed glove is made of fabric, and five sensor boards are mounted on the back nail sections of each finger secured by cotton thread, this glove consists of 5 dual axis accelerometers ADXL203 manufactured by Analog Devices. Each sensor board powered by 5.0 volts to output X and Y axis are connected to two of ten Analog to Digital inputs of the microcomputer board M16C62P. They are labeled AD8-AD9 for thumb and AD0 through AD7 for index through small fingers (2 AD inputs per thumb/finger).

deaf and blind language sign converter

The circuit consists of M30626FHPGH microcomputer IC, with 5 connectors for 10 AD inputs, labeled X0-Y0 for sensor from thumb, X1 through X4 and Y1 through Y4 are for fingers index through small. It clocks by 8MHz crystal. The outputs include a LCD display and RS-232 interface for viewing on PC. Others are buzzer and ICD debug connector (for loading flash).