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Arduino Hand Controller, Keyglove

05/01/2011 Category: Arduino, Control

The Keyglove is arduino-based portable glove controller that uses touch combinations (for keys) and an accelerometer (for the mouse) to generate keyboard and mouse control codes using only one hand. Once learned, the glove can easily be used without looking, making it perfect for embedded/wearable environments. The glove is thin and light, built to allow other activities (such as writing) without being in the way. It also holds much promise for physically handicapped or disabled users who have the use of only one hand. Keyglove can be used with your hand on a desk, in your lap, or with no surface at all, in any orientation.

Arduino KeyGlove controller

The basic concept of this open source hand controller is to generate input signals by touching unique combinations of conductive sensors together. These sensors are mounted on the fingers and palm of the glove in strategic places to allow for the greatest possible number of combinations. Some of these combinations are more physically difficult than others, and so these are intended to be used much less frequently or even not at all.