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Arduino Drum Machine

05/04/2011 Category: Arduino, Audio, Digital, Microcontroller, Project

The Arduino Drum Machine is MIDI groove-box features 14-track Drum-Machine Step Sequencer with 2 accent tracks and 32 steps. The project built based on Arduino and wusik software. It’s like the classic Roland TR707 but with some twists, as it actually has 32 x 1/32 or 32 x 1/64 steps. This Drum-Machine Step Sequencer project designed to be plugs on top of an Arduino Uno, Duemilanove, Mega, or Mega2560 and compatible with Arduinos as well as Netduino and FEZ Panda.

arduino Drum-Machine Step Sequencer project

The hardware is a general-purpose MIDI development platform and playground, not just a drum machine. The drum machine functionality provided by wusik software. But you can run any software you want on your Arduino to make use of the hardware.