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Airplane Servo Controller

10/06/2010 Category: AVR, Control, Microcontroller, Project

The ATmege16-based Airplane Servo Controller helps model aircraft hobbyist to set up control surface throws on a model aircraft easily. The system directly drives the control signals of the aircraft servos while leaving plenty of I/O for reading push buttons and interfacing with an LCD.

model aircraft control surface tool

The project has six push buttons for user interface. It has functions to switch incrementally from channel to channel, move current channel to full counter-clockwise position, move current channel 4% more counter-clockwise, move current channel to middle position, move current channel 4% more clockwise, and move current channel to full clockwise position. To display servo channel name, position (in % of full travel), and pulse width (in ┬Ás), the project is equipped with 2×20 LCD from Optrex. Airplane Servo Controller is designed by Ryan Knowlton.