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Simple GPS Navigator

10/04/2010 Category: AVR, Data Acquisition, GPS, Interfacing, Project

The AVR-based GPS navigator named as Butterfly GPS, allow you to find your fixed position of Latitude and Longitude along with date and time in UTC. This simple GPS receiver device uses ATMEGA169 Butteryfly kit as main controller and GPS receiver engine based on SiRF chipset.

Butterfly GPS receiver

The device is simple to operate and needs no special care except that you need to find a reasonably clear spot looking towards the sky to get a good fix. Once you have the Lat/Lon fix, use a map with grid locators to find your position. Date and UTC is displayed on the LCD. The application powered by 4×1.5V AA cells with a total current consumption of around 90mA when taking position fixes.

“The GPS navigator design ideology is simple. I didn’t want to create just another PDA navigator with a TFT display and some city maps in digital format pushed into the PDA memory. It had to be a simple machine that would display the position data and date/time over an LCD display,” said Indranil Majumdar, the designer.