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PIC RGB Luxeon Star Mood Light

06/30/2010 Category: Display, LED, Microcontroller, PIC, Project

This PIC18F1320-based mood lamp project contains of 3 Luxeon Star LED lights, red, green and blue. Each light uses around 1 Watt maximum. It typically consumes 40-60 times less electricity than a standard incandescent light bulb, It’s very efficient in energy use.

PIC Luxeon-Mood-Light

By turning the LEDs on and off at high speeds the chip can control the brightness of each LED individually (this type of accurately timed control is called PWM or Pulse-Width Modulation). BD139 NPN power transistors are used to sink the current from the LEDs. To allow the PIC to run at its maximum 40Mhz rate (HSPLL mode), a 10Mhz crystal is used. PIC RGB luxeon star mood light is designed by Simon Inns.