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Fast 7.2V NiCad Battery Charger

07/02/2010 Category: Power Supply

This battery charger built using IC MAX713, a NiCad battery charger IC from Maxim. It will control the fast charge time and monitor the cell voltage. The project can charges a battery approximately 80% charge in 22 minutes at a current of 2.4 Amps. Once the fast charging has ended, it trickle charges the battery.

fast charger
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The power supply comes from a 13.6V, 3 Amp, switch mode power supply. There is also provision to use power from a 12V accessory (cigarette lighter) socket. But, to avoid the fast charge termination to operate incorrectly, you need power supply greater than 13V for this circuit. The project is designed by Ian Stedman

NiCad Battery Charger
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