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Four-Channel PWM Controller, ATmega16L

02/10/2010 Category: AVR, Control, Interfacing, Microcontroller, Project

This four channel pulse width modulation (PWM) controller is built around Atmel ATMega16L. It has RS232 serial interface for computer control, four 10 bit analog inputs and a 12-button keypad interface. The controller also has four indicator outputs (which may be configured as general purpose outputs), an alphanumeric LCD interface (with backlight control), three general purpose outputs, and four 8 bit PWM output channels with a frequency of 31kHz.


By selecting an appropriate configuration, the PWM controller may be used, for example, as a PC fanbus with LCD display, a PC controlled process monitoring and/or control device, as a stand-alone PWM controller, or any other application where PWM control and/or analog voltage monitoring is required. The project was designed by John Giffard and Mark Lewin.

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