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Aquarium Feeding Timer Using IC 555

02/09/2010 Category: Control, Project

The project shows you how to build simple Aquarium Feeding Timer. Instead using microcontroller, it uses famous IC 555. It is very useful for Automatic aquarium feeding DIY-er who don’t know MCU programming. The circuit uses simple monostable 555 circuit. It control Load relay (return pump). The timing period can be adjusted by turning the potentiometer.

Aquarium Feeding Timer Controller Project

William Burnett, the project designer, explains how it’s work. The return pump is connected to the Normally Closed side of the relay. During normal operation, the timers output is LOW and the relay is OFF. This allows the return pump to operate as expected. When the trigger button is pushed the timing cycle starts and the relay output transistor conducts, causing the relay coil to pull the relay contacts to the Normally Open position and de-energize the return pump. When the timing period ends, the output transistor stops conducting and the relay returns the Normally Closed operating position, allowing the return pump to restart. Feeding Timer Circuit

Aquarium Feeding Timer
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