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Programmable Web-Based Sprinkler Controller / Timer

09/11/2012 Category: Arduino, Control, Timer

OpenSprinkler is ATmega328-based programmable sprinkler controller / timer. It has ENC28J60 Ethernet controller for web-based scheduling and monitoring, through either wired Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi connection. With some modifications, you can used it to control other electronic devices, such as water pumps, home lighting, power line sockets, through the web interface. The MCU is programmable using the open-source Arduino software.

Sprinkler Controller System

Each board controls 8 stations, and each station can be individually programmed. By linking extension boards, the controller can support a large number of stations / zones. The controller is compatible with most 24VAC household sprinkler valves. The project has single power supply design using standard 24VAC sprinkler transformer. No separate power adapter is required.

The circuit can be used as a general-purpose Ethernet and RF enabled control board using JeeNode and Nanode RF. Other features including on-board USBtiny ISP programmer implemented using an ATtiny45 for directly program AVR MCU without the need of a bootloader, push buttons, LCD display, RTC timer, screw terminals, and Ethernet connector.