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Opensource Camera Controller, Photoduino

09/08/2012 Category: Arduino, Control, Miscellaneous, Sensor

Photoduino is the Arduino-based DSLR camera controller which allows you to take pictures automatically. It can be used for shooting high speed photos, make ‚ÄúTime-lapse” videos or for animals or insects photography using intervalometer.


This controller placed on an Arduino board as a shield taking all inputs, outputs and power pins. You can control the shutter and camera autofocus and also can triggering of two flashes. The system has three sensor detectors: sound sensor, a shock/impact sensor and a laser or infrared barrier. They can be used to take pictures when you register an event in the sensor. The new firmware includes the ability to control a solenoid valve and automatically generate drops with Photoduino.


The project is equipped with small LCD screen and two buttons for user interface. You can also use desktop software for control and set Photoduino from a computer connected to USB port. This software works under multiplatform: Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.