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Smart Shopping Cart

09/14/2012 Category: FPGA, Miscellaneous, Project

This Smart Shopping Cart will make your shopping activity more comfortable. You don’t have to push heavy chart anymore because smart shopping cart will follow you wherever you go. If you tired, you can ride it while shopping. The project based on Digilent’s Nexys2 FPGA Board and is programmed in the Xilinx’s ISE 10.1.03 environmentis. This interesting project is designed by student of Beijing University of Technology.

smart shopping chart

The project is equipped with video camera to capture the image of user and record the image, thus the cart can only follow the recorded image. The control unit sends ultrasonic signal every 100ms to detect the object distance and adjust its speed by change PWM. Two infrared sensors detect left and right change, so the two different motor can turn left or right. The 2.4GHZ wireless communication module is used to send and receive shopping data for self-checkout and display the information on a LCD monitor. The cart is started / stopped with an RFID key and has an on-board UPC scanner for self-checkout.

smart shopping chart block diagram

The voice navigation makes the cart can ‘speak’ to customer about product discounts available in store. In the future development, the cart also can tell the customer how to reach to those products. The project used heavy-load motors to allow user to drive the cart if they want. This feature is very useful for elder or disables people to move conveniently.

See Smart Shopping Cart in Action