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AVR Project LCD with Resistive Touchscreen

11/19/2009 Category: AVR, Display, Project


This project shows you how to interfacing touch LCD with 8-bit AVR Atmega644. The device can do some trick what iPhones can do. Since the project powered with 8 bit 12Mhz AVR, it run slower than iPhone (417Mhz ARM). But, It’s cool project, iPhone vs AVR

The project hardware consist of 320×240 LCD with 4 wire resistive touch screen – a ELT240320ATP variant from a dead Sylvania MP3 player – uses a ILI9325 controller; 12Mhz Atmega644 CPU with 64k Flash and 4k RAM ; USB connector for PC communication and charging; Lithium polymer battery with software controlled power; Software controlled backlight; SD Micro slot.

While the software contains LCD driver to support blitting image decompression and smooth scrolling; Basic UI framework for gadgets and poorly drawn pictures; Z-sorted span 3D engine with zero overdraw; Sampling profiler; USB mouse or keyboard HID support; Sprite engine; Movie playback.

Watch video AVR LCD with Resistive Touch screen Project in action

AVR Touchscreen
Project Documentation, Schematic and Code