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Artificial Retina Based On AVR

11/24/2009 Category: AVR, Microcontroller, Project, Robotic, Sensor

AVR Retina Model

This project tried to model an artificial retina with ability of color detection, saccades, and pursuit tracking. It uses AVR AT mega 32 as main processor, servo motors for precise movements and positioning, and cheap color sensor using bare bone LED.

The eye project able to detect and differentiate 9 different colors (at a distance within 4-5 inches). In the “search” mode, the eye will move according to the user control using the LCD touchscreen and the LCD will display what color the eye is detecting.

In tracking mode, the eye would track a user specified color. The eye would lock onto a specific color that the user wants, and move in the direction of color if the color moves. © by Stephen Jhun and Seung Jae Bang

Eye Artificial
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