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H-Bridge Motor Driver BoosterPack

01/26/2013 Category: Control, Microcontroller, Motor

The aim of the project is to build motor driver board for MSP-430 LaunchPad. Using Ti DRV8833PWPR Dual H-bridge Motor Driver chip, this BoosterPack (a plugin module added to MSP430 LaunchPad to provide expanded functionality) can handle 2 A load per motor per channel and work from voltages 2.7V to 10.8V.

Motor Driver for MSP430 microcontroller

To minimize current draw and save energy, you can activate driver’s sleep mode by set DRV8833 nSleep pin to LOW. If you don’t need this feature, there is a jumper connected to HIGH state. This motor driver BoosterPack is designed by Parker Dillmann. Download: project schematic and PCB.