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PIC Thermostat With USB Interface

08/18/2010 Category: Control, PIC, Project, USB

The goal of the project is to use a microcontroller to regulate some larger household like home thermostat. The project will control the space heater to keep environment temperature is maintained near a desired set point temperature. By using a USB interface, the project can be controlled using Windows application. The system uses PIC18F252 as main processor, DS1307 as Real-Time Clock, and Texas Instruments’ TMP101 as temperature sensor.


The PIC microcontroller stores all of the temperature change entries as a table in its EEPROM memory, and keeps track of which is the current entry based upon the time it reads from the RTC. Every five seconds, the RTC is accessed. Then, the current temperature change entry is calculated. And finally, the temperature sensor is updated with the new alarm temperature. The Thermostat project is designed by Ian Jacobs and Chris Parris.

Thermostat Project
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