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Ethernet Bootloader, ATmega128

02/12/2010 Category: AVR, Project, Remote


This project is the implementation of Ethernet Bootloader for ATmega128 MCU. It shows the simple way to add Ethernet communication and Ethernet firmware update features to AVR MCU. This project will help field engineers to do firmware-updating remotely on consumer network-based systems like security systems, industrial control or monitoring systems etc.

“This Ethernet Bootloader works with static or dynamic IP-address (DHCP-client). It allows you to remotely Read/Write/Erase MCU Flash memory, Read/Write MCU EEPROM memory, and Reset MCU. AVR Ethernet Bootloader can work with hanging or buggy Application code or even without any Application code flashed”, explained Michael Klokov, the project designer.

Ethernet Bootloader
Project Detail and Documentation