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Wireless Altoids Display

05/09/2012 Category: Arduino, Display, Microcontroller, Project, Wireless

The aim of this project is to build a wireless 2×16 character display that fit to Altoids tin. It can be used to display data which is sent from the PC using a terminal program such as the Arduino ‘Serial Monitor’.

The project consists of two main parts, first, the ‘remote’ Altoids tin containing Arduino, LCD and Xbee module. While the second Altoids tin containing an Xbee module only and connected to the PC with a USB to FTDI serial cable.

This wireless display can be used for project with data flow from PC to wireless display such as Email Notifier, RSS Feeds, Facebook/Twitter updates, realtime clock or project with data flow from wireless display to PC like weather station, speedometer, engine monitoring, heart rate monitor, and other realtime data logging.

Arduino based Wireless LCD display