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Arduino Clock with Weather Station Function

01/14/2013 Category: Arduino, Monitoring, Raspberry Pi

The idea of the oClock project is to build ‘advanced’ clock with more function like Weather station. Besides display the clock, it also displays temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

The project consists of two part, embedded subsystem and host subsystem. The embedded subsystem is built based on Arduino uno. It is equipped with real time clock (DS1307) to keep current time, LCD 16×2, and buttons for input. It reads data from barometric sensor (BMP085), digital temperature sensor (TMP102), analog humidity sensor (HIH4030) and then transfer the data to receiver (host subsystem) via XBee module attached to USART.

Clock with Weather Station Function

The host subsystem is powered by Raspberry Pi. It uses another XBee module to received meteorological data. It automatically pushes the data to twitter timeline and also display it on website. In this project, the host subsystem also configured as web server to display historic RRD-based graphs and real-time data visualization.