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Tiny Line Following Robot With Wireless Setting, PocketBot

03/05/2013 Category: AVR, Robotic

Many people built line follower robot with focus on high speed feature. Usually, they built it for racing contest purpose. But, some other build line following robot with unique feature such as small size. The last type shows you the art and beauty of electronics project without vanish its function. PocketBot is the example for it.

mini line follower

PocketBot is matchbox-sized line following robot designed by Ondrej Stanek. It’s powered with two rechargeable lithium-ion button batteries wired in parallel (3.6V, 40mAh each). The robot is build based on ATmega8 microcontroller and uses double-sided PCB stands as the robot’s chassis. The robot has infra-red remote control receiver for wireless communication. User can control it with a standard remote control or from a PC application.

line follower software

The project comes with Delphi-based PC application that can be used to monitoring sensor state and adjust PID controller. In wireless mode, user can adjust PID controller constants remotely while the robot in the track or not. In bi-directional (cable) mode, the application can check the battery fitness and calibration data. The project needs USBdockStation attached to PC to communicate with robot.