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AVR Tiny Line Following Robot

04/17/2009 Category: AVR, Digital, Project, Robotic

This electronic project will show you how to build simple Line Following Robot. Main part of this project are ATmega8 as main processor, Six photo-reflectors as line sensor, vibration motors to drive the wheel and Two CR2032 lithium cells as power source.


Here is short description how it works,

The line follower is one of the self operating robot that follows a line that drawn on the floor. The basic operations of the line following are as follows:

  1. Capture line position with optical sensors mounted at front end of the robot. Most are using several numbers of photo-reflectors, and some leading contestants are using an image sensor for image processing. The line sensing process requires high resolution and high robustness.
  2. Steer robot to track the line with any steering mechanism. This is just a servo operation; any phase compensation will be required to stabilize tracking motion by applying digital PID filter or any other servo algorithm.
  3. Control speed according to the lane condition. Running speed is limited during passing a curve due to friction of the tire and the floor.


Because this Line Following Robot size is small, it can run on the desk. What an interesting project for electronic robotic hobbyist. This project created by Chan.

Source, schematic and doc

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