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TV Transmitter With Audio

04/02/2009 Category: Analog, Project, Transmitter, Video, Wireless

If you interested to build TV transmitter for your electronic project task or hobby, this Advanced Tv Transmitter With Sounds designed by Tetsuo Kogawa could be good idea for you.

The project schematic consist of of the two sections: video transmitter and audio amplifying. Both of them actually is transmitters. The main one generates video carrier while the smaller one generates the exact 4.5 (5.5 in some countries) MHz FM audio carrier. When it is supplied to the main section, the conbination generates the audio carrier that is the total of the video frequency plus 4.5 MHz (this is the same in the US but different in other countries: 3.5 in the UK, 5.0 in Italy, 5.5 in Australia and so on: see the channel plans).


Download :
Schematic and Document

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