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Tiny Robot Braitenberg vehicle

11/13/2009 Category: AVR, Microcontroller, Robotic

Tiny Robot Braitenberg

If you are a tiny robot project fans, check this Braitenberg vehicle from tinkerlog. This tiny robot controlled by microcontroller AVR 8-pin ATtiny25V. It uses two pager motors with one transistor motor driver and LDR (Light Depending Resistor) as the sensor. It has weight only 17 grams. very light. Since it’s built only with few component, there is a limitation like it can handle only two light sensors and the motors run only in one direction.

In the firmware, the robot will read two inputs, the light sensors, and driving two output lines accordingly with a PWM signal. Here is the video Tiny Braitenberg vehicle in action. It will run following the light source.

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