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Sensor Module for Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Figaro CDM4161a

07/03/2012 Category: Sensor

Figaro CDM4161a is low power consumption pre-calibrated CO2 module with TGS4161 sensor for monitoring of indoor CO2 concentrations. It is able to measure the CO2 concentration in a 400-4000 ppm range and produce output voltage of 0.4 to 4 V. The module has a Control output, which changes its status to High after exceeding of 1000 ppm and it is suitable for example for a direct ventilation control. Although CDM4161a is pre-calibrated from production, but it also has a possibility of “recalibration” – after applying a High level on the Reset input (setting of 400 ppm).

CO2 sensor module

Features: ultra compact size, high selectivity to CO2, maintenance free, low power consumption, long life, pre-calibrated, low cost.