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FPGA Based Logic Analyzer, BitHound

09/20/2012 Category: FPGA, Measurement, Tools

BitHound is 32-channel logic analyzer implemented on the Atlys Spartan-6 board and a custom interface board. A logic analyzer is a device used to display and analyze logic signal on e.g. data busses. It is a sort of oscilloscope, being capable of only displaying digital “low” and “high”, but with much more channels. This project is improvements version from Logic Analyzer made by Michael Poppitz. It comes with Ethernet to transfer the measured data to a computer, 128MB DRAM as sample memory, Interface Board to attach 32 probes and adapting the java-based PC-client to meet BitHound design.

BitHound Logic Analyzer

This logic analyzer is able to sample 32 channels with 200MHz or 16 channels with 400MHz. The data will then be transferred via 100MBit/s Ethernet from the 128MB DRAM to the PC client that will then display them. At the moment, the system is configured for 100MB Ethernet transfer speed. This could be improved to Gigabit Ethernet to even further speed the transfer of the sampled data up. BitHound is designed by Lukas Schrittwieser and Mario Mauerer.