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PIC 18F252 Logic Analyzer

06/22/2009 Category: Monitoring, PIC, Project

PIC logic analyzer

This is simple low-cost logic analyzer. The PIC18F252 board has function as capture device and display the result to PC. In Normal mode the max sample rate is 2 microseconds although the sustained rate is limited to 170 microseconds/event (RS232) of 40 microseconds/event (USB). In Fast mode the max sample rate is 200 nanoseconds, 4bit sampling is supported at 500nsec and lower rates.

There are two variants: a simple version which uses a MAXIM level converter and works with 115 kBaud and an USB version which will support transfer rates of 500kbit (PIC with an 10 MHz crystal) or 1000kbit (PIC with an 12 MHz crystal). src

Logic Analyzer
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