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555 TV Remote Control Jammer

10/04/2012 Category: Analog, Miscellaneous

If you want to watch your own TV program and don’t want anyone disturb your watching time by changing the channel via remote control, try build this simple circuit TV remote control jammer. The circuit uses 555 IC timer to generate 38 kHz signal and IR transmitting Diode (IR emitter) to transmit the signal. When circuit is on, it produces constant signals that interfere with remote control signal and confuses the infra-red receiver in a TV. Therefore, it prevents TV sensor detecting any command from TV remote.

remote jammer

IR emitters types that suit with above circuit including CY85G, LD271, CQY37N (45’), INF3850, INF3880, INF3940 (30’). The current through the IR LED is limited to 100mA by the inclusion of the two 1N4148 diodes which form a constant-current arrangement when combined with the transistor and 5R6 resistor. When you want to change your channel, don’t forget to turn off your jammer circuit first before use your TV remote.